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helping therapists and counselors become property owners

As a therapist, have you ever thought about owning the space you practice in? Maybe you have planned on owning your own office or building for your clinical practice, but are overwhelmed by the amount of financial, legal and physical work that needs to be done. You may not be sure where to begin or what steps you need to take to begin investing in your future. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place

Noreen Iqbal

hi, i’m noreen iqbal, lcsw, business founder and real estate investor

When I first started my clinical practice, Olive Branch Therapy Group, I knew I wanted to own my own office space. I was frustrated that I couldn’t make changes to buildings to better suit my team and clients, and I was tired of paying wasteful leases. Today, I’m a proud owner of two properties, properties that better suit my business and provide me with extra rental income.

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why theraproperty?

Theraproperty is the go-to resource for therapists, counselors and other mental health professionals who are looking to buy property and invest in their future. It’s something I wish I had when I first started thinking about owning my own office building. Whether you’re just thinking about owning property or are halfway through the process, Theraproperty provides you confidence needed to profitably own real estate.