about noreen iqbal

Noreen Iqbal, Owner of Olive Branch Therapy Group and Theraproperty

Noreen Iqbal

LCSW, Real Estate Investor

Hello and welcome!

I founded Theraproperty to help therapists and other mental health professionals make informed real estate decisions. Since buying my own property for my group practice Olive Branch Therapy Group, I’ve helped hundreds of other therapists tackle the ins and outs of mortgages, tenants, contract negotiations and other, often overwhelming, facets of commercial real estate ownership. I take great pride in helping others achieve their dreams of owning their practice offices and maximizing their profits.

I own two large properties in New Jersey, am a LCSW, owner of and director at Olive Branch Therapy Group, and run the Theraproperty group on Facebook with more than 750 members.

I have a MSW from Rutgers and a BA from St. Johns University and am fluent in Urdu, Hindi, Hinko and Punjabi. I live in East Brunswick, New Jersey with my  three beautiful children and husband. 

Whether you are in the beginning of your real estate journey or in the midst of it, I’m here to help.



“I am in the process of closing on a commercial property for my private counseling practice and Noreen has been beside me throughout the process.  She is a wealth of information and provides practical support that has been super valuable and beneficial.  Noreen is responsive and reliable and is my go to person when I need her.  She has made the process of purchasing a commercial property so much easier, and has saved me a ton of time researching.  Noreen is amazing, and I highly recommend her services!  Thank you thank you thank you!”

Justin Kahn, LPC owner Main Street Counseling

“I highly recommend the services of Noreen for all your real estate needs. She’s experienced, down to earth, and creates an atomosphere of excitement in an otherwise anxiety-producing endeavor. Her creative approach and input allows others to build a beautiful space for their clients and staff while maximizing profit margins and minimizing overhead!”

Valarie Somerville Harris, Owner Trauma & Therapy Center of Tennessee

“Noreen has a depth of knowledge around this topic that anyone can benefit from no matter what stage of Private practice ownership you were in or where are you are in the process of owning your own property.”

Melissa Gratz, LPC

“Where to start on the topic of buying a building? Just the thought of it brings up a feeling of anxiety and overwhelm that I kept avoiding until I finally scheduled a consultation with Noreen. I’m so glad I did and wished I had sooner. She was knowledgeable, to the point while being laid back and easy to talk to. She helped me come up with a structured plan so I knew where to start, and opened my eyes to considerations I hadn’t thought of that would benefit me in the future. If you are considering purchasing your building as your next big move, I would strongly recommend starting here sooner rather than later. “

Shaelene Lauriano, Owner and Director DBT of South Jersey, LLC