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Theraproperty is a real estate consultation business created specifically to help therapists, counselors and other mental health professionals buy real estate for their offices and invest in their futures. When you schedule a consultation with Theraproperty, you get one on one time with Noreen Iqbal, a commercial real estate investor, LCSW and owner of Olive Branch Therapy Group.

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Hello Therapists

what can theraporperty offer me?

Theraproperty is committed to consulting therapists and other mental health professionals on every facet of the development, leasing, marketing, property management, and construction process of real estate. Theraproperty advises you throughout such things as:

  • Mortgages
  • Financing Assistance
  • Interior Design and Decor
  • Acquisition and Coordination
  • Ideal Improvement
  • Lease Analysis and Negotiation
  • Tax Appeal
  • And much more.

Noreen Iqbal has considerable experience in leasing offices and redesigning real estate to fit her clients’ and teams’ needs. Her perspective as an owner of a large clinical practice allows her to think like her clients when it comes to approaching real estate investments and projects. 

Whether you are just starting to think about owning real estate, you’re planning on purchasing a building, you’re in the midst of financial document preparations, or you’ve already bought a property and need to know what’s next, Theraproperty has valuable experience and is ready to assist you today.

Real Estate for Therapists

what are some of the benefits of owning property?

For some, owning property during the uncertainties of COVID-19 may seem like a daunting process. However, this may be your biggest opportunity yet to invest in property!

Today’s mortgage rates are relatively low. Additionally, if you are worried about having tenants that may not be able to pay rent, know that there are resources such as the Payroll Protection Program that can help.

Even outside of current conditions, investing in real estate provides a plethora of opportunities. Some of these advantages include:

  • Investment opportunity. No more wasteful leases, rent increments or broker fees. You can increase cash flow and diversify the sources of your income.
  • Space to grow (or not.) If you expand your practice, you have the room, and if you want to scale back, you can easily rent out your space.
  • Free reign. You can design, decorate, and build to suit your tenants and team.

The pros of owning real estate often outweigh the cons. Theraproperty can help you look at the numbers and decide whether owning property is right for your now or down the road. 

how do i begin?

If you’re ready to begin working with Noreen Iqbal of Theraproperty, click below to schedule a consultation.


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